Kacy Kagawa (parent):


Hawaii Storm has not only improved my daughter’s basketball skills but also taught her the importance of teamwork and given her confidence.  The coaches are excellent and teach them the importance of always giving a 100%.  They are patient and encouraging.  My daughter loves being a part of the Hawaii Storm Family.

 Julie Tateyama (parent):

It was almost 4 years ago when we met Coach Mike Taylor and joined the Hawaii Storm Basketball Clinics and the Hawaii Storm Ohana. Since then, my daughter Taylor continually improves in her basketball skills and in her knowledge of the game. She has always had the love and passion for the game and Coach Mike and his awesome coaching staff recognize and see that in her. Their coaching is helping her to become a smarter leader and team player. Thank you very much to Coach Mike Taylor for teaching, guiding, and giving Taylor the greatest opportunity to travel and play in prestigious tournaments in California and Chicago. It helped her to get ready for her High School season and prepare her for her future college years. Taylor is looking forward to another year with Coach Mike, Coach Eric, Coach Jason, Coach Mason, Coach Dashia, Coach Johnny, her Hawaii Storm “sisters” and Ohana! You’re the best! Thank you Hawaii Storm Basketball!!

Julie Tateyama

Anonymous Clinic Parent

I love that Coach Mike always encourages the children to do better. That it is okay when they make a mistake. he tells them that it is okay when they make a mistake. He tells them that it is how they learn. My daughter was very timid when she first started. All the coaches are very helpful, they pay special attention to the new kids.

Kevin Nakagawa (parent)

If you have been looking for a venue that would help your son or daughter to discover and advance their basketball skills I would highly recommend the Hawaii Storm Basketball Clinic. Held on Sundays at Kalani High School, Coach Mike Taylor, along with the help of his enthusiastic staff, not only teach the basic skills but also the intangible value of commitment, discipline and working hard to improve.  Coach Taylor obviously knows what it takes to be successful. In his coaching career, he has led his teams to eight ILH titles and four State Championships. Coach Taylor (as well as several coaches on his staff) are educators by profession and know how to work with children. There may be other clinics out there but none with this impressive combination.


Kevin Nakagawa

Anonymous Clinic Parent 

Appreciate Coach Taylor’s insistence on listening to instructions and not fooling around. Benefits the entire group by not tolerating kids who are fooling around.

Anonymous Clinic Parent

My son has been in Storm since he was 5 and we have seen him grow and build great confidence. He is now 8 and is playing 9-10-year-olds because of the basic skills and confidence he has gained through Storm. As parents, we believe that Storm (Clinic) has taught him more about basketball than any other seasonal coaching.

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